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What is Pilates?


Pilates is a training that moves the whole body, improves the sense of balance, increases the articular mobility, and forms lean muscles while at the same time stretching them.

What is the difference between Pilates and other training methods?

The aim of the training is the same everywhere, but:
- The main difference lies in the power centre, from which the exercises start. This is the basis of the training method.

- The Pilates method strives to hold the S-shaped natural spinal curvature during the exercises. This requires the strengthening of the deep abdominal muscles, for which the Pilates method is the most appropriate, since with the correct use of the power centre and through the stabilization of the pelvis and other joints, it teaches the right body posture, and later conscious isolated muscle movement, which leads to the development of body consciousness. Body consciousness is essential for any sport activity, on the other hand, its use in the everyday life results in less muscular and joint problems.

- The Pilates method, after strengthening the power centre (deep muscles), strengthens the muscles form inside to outside.

- The Pilates method is a series of movements consciously adapted to the structure of the human body.

Pilates method variations:

1. On mattress (ground)
2. With machines

1. On mattress
The mattress method can be performed in groups comprised of more people, but personal training is naturally much more effective. The method consists of special beginner, intermediate and advanced series of exercises, which can be made effective with the help of different aids.

2. With machine

In contrast with power machines and fitness machines the Pilates machines are equipped with special springs, which enable one to perform the exercises close to the natural way. The eccentric exercises performed on the machines gradually make the body ready for the performance of exercises that require an ever greater degree of concentration, stabilization and flexibility. In contrast with other methods here we can strengthen our muscles during stretching. This method strengthens the body in a uniform way, and is even capable of shaping the problematic zones (abdomen, buttocks, thighs, body muscles).

We can ascertain that Joseph Pilates was 50 years ahead of his time in America, and 70 years in Europe, that comes from the importance of the power centre and the stabilization, which he himself had not yet defined. The significance of this was discovered by modern medical science.

How can it be that the Pilates method is relatively so unknown?

It is much known in America, but even there it has not been known for a long time, it was rediscovered about 13 years ago.

- I would say that this is due to the fact that the
beginner’s exercises are not so spectacular, it takes time to learn the techniques and it is only after this when the magical effect of the correctly performed exercises can be felt.

There are few qualified Pilates trainers, since one must devote much time to learn this method and it absolutely requires a sport or dancing background and practice in teaching. One must be seriously prepared to learn as well as to teach the exercises. Also for me it answered a lot of open questions in the field of teaching after 20 years of teaching practice. In my opinion the Pilates method is not going to be forgotten any more, since its basic principles can and must be applied in all sports.

- Learning the Pilates method is really
effective within the frames of personal training, which may be too expensive for many people.

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